Sheepskin Lining

Sheepskin Lining


Natural Fur 100% Sheepskin Lining

100% Australian sheepskin, sheepskin shoes lining, very soft, and warm and durable

Sheared sheep skin lining for coat, jacket, shoes, vest, and garment, 


1.finest leather,High density, soft and smooth

Single face shearling sheepskin,most comfortable

2.colors: Black, Brown, Beige, White, and Nutria

3. size: 6-12 SF

4. selection: I/II/III, 40/40/20%

5. wool length 6-8mm,8-10mm for shoe lining,very soft, light comfortable feeling, shiny looking.

6. wool length:10-20mm high density for Jacket coat lining
5. Sample available 
6. Competitive price


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